a surging emotion

2017-04-03 22:58

What is a rush if not an electric feeling? It is a sudden movement, a surging emotion, a sudden, brief exhilaration and it can all have one cause: the use of electric skateboards.

The invention of electric skateboards must have had two logical reasons. First and foremost the fact that everything these days is becoming electronic, digital, virtual or mechanical. It is the natural way of things, to evolve, to transform into better, bigger, more complex designs. It is also human nature to want to transform all that we can in practical, simpler things in order to make life easier.

The consequence of such an attitude forms the second reason for creating the electric skateboards: because everything is so simple we now get too easily bored and ultimately turn into adrenaline junkies. Hence the constant craving for excitement and rush.

Electric skateboards are the perfectly balanced combination of the two previously mentioned human conditions: the need for simplicity and the one for speed. Nothing less of transportation devices, electric skateboards allow you to cruise the city all the while being capable of inducing stronger sensations if used properly.

The extent of the risks involved is really a notch lower than the one a person using a normal skateboard faces. Although electric skateboards can reach higher speeds ? up to 20 miles per hour when compared to regular skates, the smaller probability for injury is due to the fact that electric skateboards unable one to perform the tricks and schemes the others could, being often enough compared to Segways.

Thrill seekers have a pretty wide range of products they can choose from, not to mention the possibility of customizing their machines. As compensation for not having all the properties as old school type skateboards, electric skateboards offer the long searched for sensation of speed all the while offering much more stability. The considerably bigger wheels electric skateboards use also add a notable number of surfaces somebody can explore with them. On top of all that, electric skateboards require a lot less physical effort because they obviously move without the help of your feet, but thanks to a wireless remote controller that sends signals to the attached battery on the board’s back, according to the buttons you push.

Actually, electric skateboards have not only been compared to normal non mechanical skateboards but also to the sport we call wakeskating. For the unlikely few who fail to figure out what that might be, wakeskating is a water sport and an adaptation of wakeboarding but unlike in it, the rider is not bound to the board in any way.

Nevertheless, no matter what you compare them to, electric skateboards are in. They might not last as long as the bicycle but they are undoubtedly an extremely fun way to pass the time and wonder the streets without getting bored. They might not represent the biggest rush one can get on dry land but are definitely worth the ride especially if you get a bunch of friends to join the fun.